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WFSLayer - Only call GetFeature when layer is visible

Question asked by JESUSViNYL on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by JESUSViNYL

Hi all,


Our users are heavily dependent on external data from WFS's in their map, so multiple WFSLayers are created and added to the map when it is initialized. The layers are not visible by default, and only a few of the layers are shown simultaneously. It is a requirement that the mode is 'ondemand'. It turns out, that even though that most of the layers are not visible and suspended, every time the map extent is changed, a GetFeature-request is called for each of the layers added to the map. This causes performance issues when the users have many WFSLayers added to the map.


Is there a way to control this behavior and prevent all the unnecessary GetFeature calls? Loading megabytes of unused data every time the map extent is updated is not viable.


We're using ArcGis JS API 3.x


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