• Operation dashboard - Add the ability to save as a template

    49 votes
    The idea is to use your existing dashboard with other maps without having to create all the widgets again when changing the input map. Ideally, there would be an input layer for the whole dashboard and all the wi...
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  • Ideas on advertising your GIS department

    This will be a little bit of a different "question" from the normal GeoNet questions, but I am hoping to gather some ideas.   I work for a small engineering firm that does Civil Engineering and Land Survey kind ...
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  • On Premise Survey123 Error

    While generating the Sample template for Survey123 on premise web site i am getting "405 Error"   
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  • How to use external gps location data

    Hi All,   I have a new requirement for our apps to use external gps location updates (Bad Elf GPS Unit) besides the default Apple location service updates. I understood that I need to create a custom location di...
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  • Any opinions (good/bad/indifferent) on Lucity Asset Mgmt Software?

    I was curious if anyone has experience using Lucity AMS, and if so--what are your thoughts/opinions on it?  How is the integration side to AGOL?  How user-friendly is Lucity?  Are there other AMS packag...
    created by elbertmatt
  • Help Publishing Survey's to Enterprise

    I am having trouble publishing Survey123 surveys to our portal/enterprise. Within Survey123 the proper portal is added and logged into. There is somewhat of a connection because I can see Survey123 creats the fol...
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  • Pop-up not "popping" up in different size maps/ computer screens in Story Map Beta

    I have maps within apps that are embedded into a Storymap beta, but my pop-ups are not popping up correctly. After trial and error, I believe this is because of the map size setting within the story map and/or th...
  • labelExpression With NULL Fields

    I'm labeling a layer dinamicaly with 2 fields selcted by user. I create a labelExpression like that:   [FIELD1] CONCAT [FIELD2]   When the user selects 2 required fields the labeling works great. When the ...
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  • Legend Status 404 when chaging Labels on DynamicMapServiceLayer in 3.x

    When a user changes a label dynamically, the Legend item for that layer disappears from the Legend and an error saying "unable to load /proxy/?<my map service URL>/legend status: 404" appears in the Console (whe...
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  • Add Go To Google map, Bing, OpenStreet map

    3 votes
    Like in Xtool, add a drop-down menu to lunch the browser and open Google map, Bing, OpenStreet Map, Toporama for Canadian, etc at the same view and extend of the current view or layout.
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  • Take basemaps offline with Files

    Has anyone experienced any issues with taking basemaps for Collector offline with the Files app? I can't find any Esri documentation on proper steps for doing this, however it doesn't seem too complicated. My steps ar...
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  • Related table field in a popupTemplate function?

    I cannot figure out how to call the related field using this function to populate the content of the popup. I have tried relationships/0/FieldName everywhere I thought it was necessary with no luck. I think I need to ...
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  • Updated Teaching Docs from Esri

    If you are not already a part of the T3G group, you might not be aware of these updates to K12 teaching tools, tips, etc..    TeacherDesk 
    created by lorihare
  • No module named 'arcgis' for import GIS

     I have ArcGIS API for Python installed and when I use below line, am getting error as ModuleNotFoundError: No module named arcgis from arcgis.gis import GIS
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  • dojo+arcgisjava script 4.12

    Hi I have some require and function that can not load in arcgisjavascript 4.12:   "dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dojo/dom-construct", "dojo/_base/Color", "dojo/query", "dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dojo/dom-construct"...
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  • autopopulating date in Survey123 subtracts 1 day

    I am using the pulldata() function in the calculation field to autopopulate several survey questions based on the answer to a question regarding a confirmation number. It works great except for the date field I n...
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  • Not able to split polygon

    I have a polygon feature service in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2 and when using the Split tool, "Operation failed" appears.  Other tools (Move, Reshape, Edit Vertices) in the Edit tab get completed.  Please se...
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  • Date labels on Time Slider Widget don't work when you use "setInterval" method

    I'm using Time Slider Widget and I've found out there is a minor defect in Time Slider Widget.   When I used Time Slider Widget and "setInterval" method, date labels on the widget&#...
  • Ability to Edit Data in Operations Dashboard

    95 votes
         I was just wondering if there has been any consideration given to adding an option to allow the ability to edit data within Operations Dashboard?        ...
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  • Excel vba request a token from Rest API appears to be 106 characters shorter than token generated by arcgis online query tools

    I am trying create a VBA tool in Excel to insert data into a AGOL Feature layer. When I request a token via VBA it ends with .. and is 106 characters shorter than the token generated by the AGOL query tool. when I try...