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Recently discovered an issue in exporting .pdf maps and wondered if anyone has seen this before or has a possible solution. Field crew reported a shift between two maps with the same data on them that were produced by myself and a contractor. The relative locations are all the same (maps look identical) but when using avenza the contractors map is… (Show more)
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Feature to point in a polygon feature class creates an empty feature class
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Hi, I am trying to connect my ArcGIS map web part to a SharePoint List web part that is on the same page. When attempting to do this, I followed the ESRI/ArcGIS tutorial that I have attached. When  I went to configure-> behaviors, there is supposed to be a "web part connectivity behavior" that is shown to connect these two parts. However, when I… (Show more)
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I am using Network Analyst on ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 to generate drive-time polygons (Service Area). If I use the Network Datasource does the network dataset differentiate drive-time difference between local roads and highways, based upon maximum speed? Is this documented anywhere to reference?
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Hello,    I have prepared a DEM representing a river reach. I want to change the elevation of the river channel only, while keeping the elevation of the rest of the DEM at same values as before. It would be greatly appreciated if you able to help me. 
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Hi everyone!   I have an ArcGIS map with multiple feature and feature classes with different colors labeling (faults + horizons). Now I'm trying to publish it as WMS layer to connect it with Tableau for adding analytical statistics. Could anyone suggest me any solutions to publish a WMS from ArcGIS or ArcGIS online please? Or any recommendation… (Show more)
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Click to view contentWelcome to GeoNet!  We are a community that collaborates, learns and shares together. To help you connect with other members, we started this introduction thread. Think of this as your intro to GeoNet networking and a chance to get to know  each other as we begin our GeoNet journey.   Please introduce yourself to the rest of the community by… (Show more)
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Hello my name is Vicki Enriquez, I work as a Program Analyst in Workforce Development for Michigan Works Southeast. I am currently in the process of teaching myself ARCGIS to create maps to help show staff and board members what we do and where our high and low spots are for outreach. 
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