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What is the syntax for accessing data in a file geodatabase when using the new python api in a jupyter notebook?
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Hi Everyone,   I'm trying to convert a CAD file to a runtime geodatabase programmatically using the Python tools and I'm having issues determining the correct workflow to make this happen. The CAD to file geodatabase is pretty straightforward and works as advertised although getting to a runtime database doesn't seem possible.    I don't suppose… (Show more)
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Using a C# .Net add-in I need to run a custom python script tool from my toolbox from with-in the map in Pro.   The sample "CallScriptFromNet" will not work because it runs the Python script from outside of the Pro environment.  I have things in the script that uses many layers from the "CURRENT" map so it fails running it the way the sample… (Show more)
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I'm looking for a solution that will create polygons for aliquot land description in the PLSS land grid with ArcGIS online.   For example:   Township 67 North, Range 32 West Section 1: S2, S2NE (This land description may be parsed, structured any way necessary)     Has anyone been able to generate and display polygons based… (Show more)
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ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 MapServer/export => Response for multilayer service returns base64 string in "imageData:blah blah blah". However, response for single layer service returns "href:path to virtual directory/filename.png".   What is going on here?   The documentation indicates that the property "useMapImage=true" which forces the exported image… (Show more)
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Here are all the messages that I got from my execution of Flow Direction, trying to use the new Multi Flow Direction algorithm in ArcGIS 10.6. Executing: FlowDirection C:\Users\A02150284\Documents\GISData\NewBRATFile\01_Inputs\04_Topo\DEM_1\Filled_DEM.tif C:\Users\A02150284\Documents\GISData\NewBRATFile\01_Inputs\04_Topo\DEM_1\Flow\FlowDir.tif… (Show more)
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Sorry if any of this in confused, GIS is a new topic for me and I'm unclear on exactly which software and format deals with buildings with interiors.   I have a 3D building model with interior in a proprietary format and I need to convert it to BISDM, I feel confident that the formats are compatible but I'm struggling to find resources for how… (Show more)
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